Each role that an actor plays is but a mask that he wears over his own face. The interface between the mask and the face, between the role and the real life persona, is what has always intrigued the discerning audience. With this concept in mind, Dilip Prabhavalkar presents a multi-media one-man stand-up talk-show, Mukhavate ani Cheharey, showcasing the various 'masks' he has worn over the years - on stage, in cinema as well as on television.  
  This program includes some select roles of his, out of the infinite range he has covered during his career in these media. It is about the process of how the face became the mask - about how each role materialized, about the nuances of the characters he played, about the experiences during performing the role. He uses the audio-visual medium to present roles he has played on stage, on the small screen as well as in cinema. This is backed up by a live narration about the process behind each role, as well as live performances of a couple of roles. The object of this two and a half hour program is not only to entertain but also to share the experience of working on and enacting roles - many of which have won various awards.