Javai Mazha Bhala (Marathi) 1994

Year : 1994.
Total Shows : 244.
Producer : Suyog.
Writer : Ratnakar Matkari.
Director : Vijay Kenkre.
Co-Stars : Amita Khopkar, Shilpa Tulaskar, Sachin Vaidya, Mahesh Phadnis, Vasant Soman, Shriram Ranade.
Story : Based loosely on the film 'Father of the Bride', the story revolves around the manner in which a father reacts to the news of his daughter falling in love and 
getting married. The fact that she has grown up from 
a doting girl to an individual in her own right and that 
he no longer holds center
stage in her life. Slowly, he
comes to terms with these changes in their relationship 
and begins to accept the son-in-law as not a rival but a friend.

Role : Mr. Avinash Ghatpande