Batatyachi Chaal (Marathi) 2001

Year : 2001
Total Shows : 262 ( Last show : 29 Jan, 2005 )
Producer : Chandralekha
Writer : P. L. Deshpande
Director : Chandrakant Kulkarni
Co-Stars : Asmita Chinchalkar, Sanjay Pandit, Gautam Murdeshwar, Surendra Naik, Vighnesh Joshi, Nikhil Tadfale, Amol Bawadekar
Story :A revival of the legendary P.L.Deshpande’s one-man revue based on his book of the same name, which itself was a series of literary pieces about characters drawn from various communities who lived together in an imaginary tenement under the chawl or “chaal” system.

The new production uses sets, lighting and cast of actors, singers and musicians to present the legacy of “Pu La” to a new generation. The performance consists of four episodes from the book  : “Upaas” the hilarious implications of a person’s attempts at diet control, “Sangeetika” : a musical showcasing (and parodying) various musical genres and themes relating to life in a chaal, “Bhraman Mandal”, even now retained as a one-man piece by Prabhavalkar, about the travel adventures of the members of the chaal’s tourist club and, finally “Chintan”, an introspective look at the “chaal” over time, as a reflection of the changes in society and a touch of nostalgia.

“Panta” in “Upaas”,  
“Anta Joshi” in “Sangeetika”,
“Kochrekar”,  “Trilokekar”, “Khare”, “Nadkarni” and
various walk-on parts in “Bhraman Mandal”,
Old man in “Chintan”

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