Naanda Soukhya Bhare (Marathi) 2001

Year : 2001
Total Shows : 30 ( Last Show : 5 April, 2002 )
Producer : Suyog
Writer : Sai Paranjpe
Director : Vijay Kenkre
Co-Stars : Vandana Gupte, Bharati Achrekar, Vijay Kenkre
Story :
Written by Sai Paranjpe in the seventies, this was a pioneering effort in Marathi theatre in the 'revue' style - a theatre form which has its origins in France and consists of a collage of comic skits revolving around the lives of common people and everyday situations - a form which has recently spawned a number of productions of this genre. In a series of hilarious episodes, 'Nanda Saukhya Bhare' takes a pick at various peculiar interpersonal relationships that exist under the institution of marriage. Though written about 30 years ago, the themes seem just as fresh today, as does Sai Paranjpe's typical humour.