Appa ani Bappa (Marathi) 2005

Year : 2005
Producer : Suyog
No. of Shows : 190 ( Last Show : 2 Jan, 2007 )
Writer : Uday Narkar
Director : Vijay Kenkre
Co-Stars : Vikram Gokhale, Deepak Damle, Nilesh Ranade, Mugdha Karnik / Prajakta Datar
Story :
A comedy play based on the Neil Simon classic 'The Sunshine Boys'.
It tells the story of two elderly vaudevillians, formerly partners known as "Appa ani Bappa", who grew to hate each other over the years, and for their last year together never spoke to each other off stage. When a nephew tries to bring them together and perform their old act to television, they have to learn how to get along with each other. It derives much of its appeal from the audience wondering if this is what it was really like between some real life comedy duos. Besides hilarious repartee between the two old men, each with his own quirks and eccentricities, the play also has an undercurrent dealing with one time celebrities fading into oblivion.

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