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Chimanrao Gundyabhau

Chimanrao Gundyabhau

YEAR : 1979.
PRODUCER : Aditya Chitra.
DIRECTOR : Vinay Dhumale.
CO-ACTORS : Bal Karve, Bharati Achrekar, Aruna Purohit, Niraj Mainkar, Ganesh Matkari, Dr Shriram 
Lagoo, Ashok Saraf, Ramakant Deshpande, Daya 
Dongre, Lalan Sarang, Mohan Gokhale, Sushma Tendulkar.
PLOT : The film is a medley of events based on the 
short stories of C.V. Joshi, starting with Chimanrao's adventures with his boss, his spying on his 
fishy brother-in-law, going on a boy scouts' expedition 
and even working in a circus, as a replacement 
for the tiger !  

Ek Daav Bhutacha Ek Daav Bhutacha Buy It

YEAR : 1981.
PRODUCER : Manoranjan Chitra.
DIRECTOR : Ravi Namade.
CO-ACTORS : Ashok Saraf, Ranjana, Ram Nagarkar, Mohan Kothiwan, Mohan Joshi, Sulochana.
PLOT : Inspired by Walt Disney's "Blackbeard's 
Ghost", the story is about a simple school teacher 
who is abused and maltreated by the village hoodlums 
and how the tables are turned when he befriends the 
ghost of an ancient warrior from Sambhaji's forces. 
As the ghost is visible only to the teacher, it leads to 
a series of hilarious incidents where the villains are 
taught their lesson and the teacher is reunited with his 
lady love.
ROLE : "Master" (school teacher).


Chhakke - Panje Buy It

YEAR : 1985.
PRODUCER : Nadkarni-Malvankar.
CO-ACTORS : Ashok Saraf, Machhindra Kambli, 
Savita Prabhune, Priyadarshini.
ROLE : Raja Bairagi.

Zaklee Moothh Savvalakhachi Zaklee Moothh Savvalakhachi   (Unreleased)

YEAR : 1986.
PRODUCER : Govind Kulkarni.
DIRECTOR : Govind Kulkarni.
CO-ACTORS : Alka Kubal.
PLOT : About the changes that take place in the life of Vinay, a simpleton, when he is informed of an inherit-
ance that will make him a millionaire overnight. By 
virtue of this expected change in his life, he gains confidence in himself and takes charge of his life. 
The news turns out a hoax, and though his dreams are shattered, he has now gained the ability to face life 
with a new attitude.
ROLE : Vinay Deshmukh.

Dharley Ter Chavtay Dharley Ter Chavtay Buy It

YEAR : 1990.
PRODUCER : Bhansali Films.
DIRECTOR : Srinivas Bhange.
CO-ACTORS : Ashok Saraf, Laxmikant Berde, 
Alka Kubal, Rekha Rao, Priya Arun, Jayram Kulkarni.
ROLE : Prof. Tonage.

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