Chaukat Raja Buy It

YEAR : 1991.
PRODUCER : Asmita Chitra.
DIRECTOR : Sanjay Surkar.
CO-ACTORS : Smita Talwalkar, Ashok Saraf, Dilip Kulkarni, Sulabha Deshpande, Manasi Behre.
PLOT : The story of Nandu, a mentally retarded boy. Nandu, who is so disabled due to a childhood accident while playing with his childhood friend, Munni. The two friends meet again after a gap of 25 years when the 
girl is married and well-settled, while the boy and his mother live a meager existence. The plot explores the relationships of the boy with his childhood friend, her husband, their daughter, and how he copes with these realities of the present to the best of his limited abilities. ROLE : Nandu.