Ratra Aarambh Buy It

YEAR : 1999.
PRODUCER : Lakshmi Venkatesh Films.
DIRECTOR : Ajay Phansekar.
CO-ACTORS : Dilip Kulkarni, Deepak Shirke, 
Pradeep Patwardhan, Rajan Tamhane, Anand 
Abhyankar, Prasad Pandit, Rajan Bane, Sheetal Kshirsagar, Madhuri Bandiwadekar, Surekha Kudchi, Vidula Mungekar.
PLOT : The story revolves around the two worlds 
inhabited by Vasudeo Balwant Thombre, an ordinary 
senior citizen who is an avid reader of crime fiction. 
Living his normal life by day, he is transformed into his fantasy world by night when he imagines himself to be 
a blind industrialist, who is the target of the conspirac-
ies of his near and dear ones. This schizophrenia 
leads to a tragedy in his real life and he ends up in a mental hospital where the psychiatrists try to separate 
the fantasy from the reality so that he can lead his 
normal life once again.
ROLE : Vasudeo Balwant Thombre.