Encounter - The Killing  Buy It

YEAR :2002
PRODUCER :Ajay Phansekar, Jayraj Patil, Shyam Shroff
DIRECTOR :Ajay Phansekar
CO-ACTORS :Naseeruddin Shah, Akash Khurana, Tara Deshpande, Ratna Pathak Shah

PLOT : Police officer Sam Bharucha is honest, hardworking and a person with strong self-worth. But circumstances force him to shoot a gangster, Lalya - a young college dropout who was on the verge of surrendering. And life changes for him.

Enter Punappa Avadhe a liquor shop owner and an erstwhile gangster. He claims to know whose son Lalya is and challenges Bharucha to confront the man. Does Punappa really know Lalya's family ? Can Bharucha believe this paan-chewing, disgusting looking character to ensure that Lalya gets a decent funeral?

ROLE :Punappa Avadhe